Manufacturing / Lodz

The combination of two words that bring together the history of the Polish textile industry.

LODZ, a city in the center of Poland, has been an integral contributor in the textile industry since the 19th century. This industry not only built the economy of the city, but created many opportunities for tailors & seamstresses alike, as many manufacturing plants were the backbone of many fashion collections.

Through Manuloz, we bring that same craftsmanship to you. When choosing products, we focus on modern silhouettes that are timeless and flattering to the person wearing them.

All the apparel is designed & produced in Lodz, Poland and other European countries, using the finest textiles primary from mills around Europe.

The founder of Manuloz, Aga Senecal Fijalkowska was born & raised in Lodz. Aga found her passion for fashion, as she watched her mom who worked in a hosiery factory creating quality products. Aga, who grew up around fascinating tales from her mother, wants to bring the proud heritage of Lodz to you.

As a Polish native, Aga is proud for the strong efforts that Polish factories are making in support of the Ukrainian nationals during their time of need, by providing jobs to meet the demand of Polish goods.

We at Manuloz, hope that you will become part of a great journey through the history of the Polish textile world.

Welcome to Manuloz!

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